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Retail outlets / DHL Paketshops

Retail outlets

Our retail outlets offer you a complete array of letter mail, parcel and Postbank services. You can conveniently sign up for various telecommunications products and electricity contracts at our outlets.

Deutsche Post has been working together with merchants, most of them in retail, since 1993. These partner shops offer postal services alongside their regular business. Customers can also get basic Postbank services at many of these Deutsche Post partner outlets not including financial consulting which is only available at Postbank branches.

This particular solution spells satisfaction for everyone involved: our retail partners benefit from increased customer frequency while our customers enjoy both the customer orientation and longer opening hours customary to retail store and the possibility of being able to combine postal services and retail shopping. The range of services provided by the outlets operated by Deutsche Post partners vary in size and depend on the respective location and demand.

DHL Paketshops

In our DHL Paketshops pre-franked parcels, small parcels and returns are accepted. Additionally, you can buy parcel stamps as well as letter stamp sets of the most common postages. You can have your parcel sent to a participating DHL Parcel Shop instead of to your home address (Postfiliale Direkt service). Items for which you have received a notification card can also be picked up there.An acceptance of letters is not possible here.

Points of sale

You can purchase letter and parcel postage at our points of sale. However, parcel acceptance and calculation of postage are not available at these points of sale.



Customers can mail their items from our retail outlets or drop them into any one of our approximately 110,000 letter-boxes located throughout Germany.

Collection after 8:00 p.m.

As a rule, items collected from letter-boxes (Mon-Fri.) after 8:00 p.m. will arrive the next day at addresses within the same region (first two digits of the postal code).

Collection on Sunday and on holidays

Letter-boxes marked with a red dot on the collection schedule are emptied on S undays and on holidays. In the case of two-day holidays, or when Sunday is either preceded or followed by a holiday, the letter-box will generally be emptied on the last of these two days. This rule applies to both national and regional holidays. If Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve fall on a working day, all letter-boxes in Germany will be emptied as on a Saturday.

Packstations / paketboxes


Packstation is a free service from DHL that allows you to choose whether your Deutsche Post parcel is sent to your home or to a parcel machine (Packstation) of your choice. An e-mail or text message notifies you as soon as your parcel is placed in the machine. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you are free to pick it up whenever you like.

You can also drop off parcels and packages for dispatch at PackstationS. Postage for small parcels and packages can be purchased directly from the machine.

It’s the perfect solution for sending items up to 60 x 35 x 35 cm in size, and it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


DHL Paketbox is the mailbox for parcels and packages. Mail your pre-franked DHL/Deutsche Post Paket, Päckchen and return items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. DHL Paketbox is available for all parcel items up to 50 x 40 x 30 cm in size. Items can weigh no more than 31.5 kilos.

For postbank customers

Retail Outlets with Postbank Services

Retail Outlets with Postbank Services

Postbank financial services are available in selected postal retail outlets as well as in all Postbank branches.

Postbank branches do not only offer all the usual Postbank services, they also provide customers with comprehensive consulting regarding bank accounts, retirement provisions and other investment products, insurance and private mortgage lending.

While there, customers can also take advantage of the complete range of Deutsche Post mail and parcel products and services. No matter what kind of service a customer is looking for - registered items, COD, redirection and storage service, international shipments, mail pick-up, letter and parcel postage, Plusbrief, Pluskarte and Pluspäckchen items, or Packsets.

Cash machines / Shell-Cashservice

Cash machines (Postbank and Cash Group)

Postbank is a member of the Cash Group (Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, HypoVereinsbank, Postbank and their subsidiaries). As a Postbank customer, you can use your debit card or Postbank Card at over 7,000 cash machines nationwide round the clock at no extra charge! These cash machines will also accept credit cards at an extra fee.

In addition to ATMs of the Postbank, it is possible to get cash at the cash desk of many Shell petrol stations directly from your Postbank current account without charge.

Bank statement printers

Bank statement printers

You can print out your bank statements at our special printers for free and as often as you like. These printouts contain a record of all your Postbank bank account transactions.

Self-service machines

Stamp dispensers

Stamp dispensers

Stamp dispensers serve the automated sale of stamps. As rule, customers can purchase postage stamps from stamp dispensers in front of or next to Deutsche Post retail outlet or at high traffic areas such as shopping centers, train stations, airports, central areas, pedestrian zones, tourist centers, etc …

There are currently about 3,300 Deutsche Post AG stamp dispensers throughout Germany.

The majority of stamp machines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In just a few simple steps customers can select the correct postage from a list of common products (postcards, Standardbrief, Kompaktbrief, Großbrief, Maxibrief and small packets) shown on an easy-to-use touch-screen.

Customers can also select “Wunschwert” (desired amount) to purchase stamps ranging from 1 cent to EUR 36.75 (in 1 cent increments).

An info feature also provides information about lesser-used postage values (for international items or merchandise shipments, for example) and allows customers to purchase the required values for such items.

Stamp dispensers accept coins (all Euro coins, even 1 and 2-cent coins).

Customers can also receive a printed receipt if desired.

Post 24/7 Station (only Berlin / Bonn)

Post 24/7 (only in Berlin / Bonn)

Post 24/7, the free-standing service station, provides customers round-the-clock access to various Deutsche Post services and products 7 days a week. These new service stations include mailboxes, stamp dispensers, Packstationen and Paketboxen. Some are even equipped with cash machines. The Post 24/7 service is free of charge. Customers pay only for the postage values required to mail their letter mail and parcel items. C hoosing the Packstation over the retail outlet can save money, too – parcel postage is 1 Euro less at all parcel machines!

The new service is currently being tested in Berlin and Bonn, where Post 24/7 stations have been installed.

For business customers

Business mail acceptance points

Business mail acceptance points

Business mail acceptance points allow fast and easy posting of standard letter mail, Infopost and Infobrief products such as Postwurf (unaddressed mail) items. Self-labeled registered mail, FRANKIERSERVICE items, pre-franked items and COD letter mail items will also be accepted at these locations.

DHL parcels and small packages, with or without postage paid, as well as returns can also be posted at the drop-off points. The acceptance process has been kept simple and the locations have been chosen to provide optimal parking for unloading. Customers can also purchase postage stamps and Paketmarken (parcel stamps) at all business mail acceptance points.

Bulk mail acceptance offices

Bulk mail acceptance offices

Customers posting large quantities of mail (mailing campaigns or press releases) are welcome to use our bulk mail acceptance offices.

Our bulk mail acceptance offices are specially equipped to handle and dispatch orders of 5,000 items or more and even pallets. Our qualified and competent employees are happy to assist you.

Direct Marketing Centers

Direct Marketing Centers

The competent staff at Deutsche Post’s Direct Marketing Centers is available to discuss your business mail activities and offer you the support you need for generating effective customer campaigns.

Consulting and support

Direct marketing is the ideal tool for effective customer retention and new customer acquisition. Personal consulting services are offered by our experienced staff of experts free of charge.

  • Tips on how to win new customers and retain those you already have
  • All-around support for your direct marketing campaigns –– from conceptual design and implementation to success tracking
  • Cost optimization for your mailing campaigns
  • Consulting and information about products and solutions, address leasing and selecting service partners
  • Consulting on innovative products and solutions for your business mail

Events / seminars

We’ll teach you all about the latest direct marketing approaches and help you come up with fresh new ideas for your company – our effective training solutions will give you the tools to make it happen. Our carefully selected staff of experienced speakers will give you and your company a leg up.


Find free information on direct marketing at your nearest Direct Marketing Center – from brochures and specialized literature to CD-ROMs. An extensive range of products for your direct marketing campaigns is also available for purchase.