Tips and tricks

The Deutsche Post service point locator allows you to find Deutsche Post, DHL and Postbank fixed-location service points quickly and easily, such as retail outlets, automated stations and dispensers, letter-boxes or direct marketing centers.

Select a service point type

Please first select the type of service point you are looking for (e.g. retail outlet, letter-box, stamp dispensers, etc.).

Indicate starting point

Please enter the postal code and/or city (house number and street optional) in the "Your location" field. If you only enter the city or postal code, you will have the option of selecting your precise location on the map that will be displayed.

What you enter under "Your location" becomes the starting point for the search.

If you only enter the city, the city center will be used as the starting point. Please note: If you only enter a postal code, the geographic center of this postal code area will be used as the starting point. Because postal code areas in Germany are very rarely circular or square, the "nearest" location that is displayed might actually be located in a neighboring postal code area. Therefore, we recommend entering the street and house number under "Your location" when possible. Your search results will be much more precise as a result. In exceptional cases, some locations may appear slightly shifted on the map.

Refine your search

For some service point locations, you have the option to expand your search criteria. For example, when searching for the nearest retail outlet, you can enter that you are looking for an outlet that is open past 6:30 pm or one that is open at a specific time on another weekday. You can refine a search for the nearest letter-box based on the collection times.

Search area

Searches are generally done within a radius of 15 km around the location you enter. The exception to this is that the results of searches for the nearest letter-box are limited to the nearest 10 mail boxes. With so many letter-boxes (112,000), this makes the maps much more clear and easier to read.

Results display

To ensure your search results are coherently displayed on the map, no more than five postal service points will be displayed per screen. Simply go to the next page to display more results.

Result details

If you would like to know more about one of the search results, simply click on that entry in the results list next to the map or on the yellow location marker on the map.


To display directions from "your location" to the selected postal service point, please click on the "Directions" button in the "Details" view. You then also have the option of changing your starting point and displaying directions from there.

Print search result or directions

To format or print out the result of your search or the map directions to the selected service point, simply click on the "Print" button. You can also save the printout as a PDF file.